Net NA Sales

The Net Invoiced Value of Sales into NA.

NA Sales is meant to represent the final amount of dollars that the manufacturers receive for the products they sell to the end user or the border / dealer. Specifically, this is defined as the sum of the individual product line-item charges for a particular time period, plus or minus any adjustments, minus any kind of discounting, and less any returns and allowances. Some of these items may have to be estimated, which is perfectly acceptable as long as it is done consistently and adjusted in the future when actual results are known. Our focus is on the products only.

This number should NOT include dealer / distributor / retail mark-up or revenue, installation or design charges, interest or late charges, freight charges, or other charges not directly related to the product. Also excluded is the value of warranty and/or replacement items.

Depending on the report Net NA Sales is collected in either aggregate (North America) or three parts: sales into US, sales into CA and sales into MX. In either case this should represent sales based on .

Each member company should select a . All data, regardless of invoice and regardless of ship to, must be reported in this .

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