Panels and Panel-based Systems

Systems furniture that uses interconnecting vertical monolithic panels or frames with attaching skins to divide space, form workstations, support work surfaces and other components, and route power and data cables. Panels and frames may also be used with freestanding products.

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Example Products

Compose_Panel_Based_0_a Compose Panel-Based by Haworth
Action_Office_System_0_a Action Office System by Herman Miller
Dividends_Horizon_Workspaces_with_Open_Weave_Fabric_Screens_0 Dividends Horizon Workspaces with Open Weave Fabric Screens by Knoll Furniture
System_3000_Panel_System_0_a System 3000 Panel System by KI Furniture
tilesB3 Tiles by Friant
PREMISE_Panel_Based_0_a PREMISE Panel-Based by Haworth

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