Monthly North American Market Pulse

Monthly North American Market Pulse

Is my general business condition consistent with what the industry is experiencing? Measure of the relative near term health of the industry. This information is collected and published in aggregate (all product categories and all geographies included in the BIFMA program) on a monthly basis. Four data sets are included in this report; and for the current month and the same month in the prior year. Data is requested 21 – 23 days after the end of the previous month (i.e., February data is requested on March 1 and is due March 23). The corresponding report is typically published 30 – 31 days after end of the reporting period.

You are reminded again that your monthly data must add up to that on other survey forms for the quarter and year that contain the same data. This data will have to be reported later for the major and detailed product categories, and again for the geographic categories. Although this other data is not requested monthly, you need to plan to report it in their respective formats in the months to come.

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