Stacking / Nesting

Typically used in common or public assembly areas for shorter-term sitting. With or without arms. May have 6+ stacking capability.

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Example Products

4_9612_a90_US_Stacking_big Social: Multipurpose by SitOnIt Seating
Caper_Stacking_Chair_0_a Caper Stacking Chair by Herman Miller
MultiGeneration_by_Knoll_Stacking_Chair_0 MultiGeneration by Knoll Stacking Chair by Knoll Furniture
SarahDavis_143101154720150507-29284-1vnab3b Upwards Chair by National Office Furniture
LizPotokar_142860203820150409-28557-d0hr05 Tuck Stacker by Allseating Furniture
Silhouette_Stack_Chair_0_a Silhouette Stack Chair by KI Furniture

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