Desking Systems

Sometimes referred to as desking systems table/desk-based systems are not dependent on panels or frames to support work surfaces and other components. Tables/desks are the foundational building block, other companion products such as storage units may extend from the tables/desks, horizontally, above or below, but they are all anchored from the desk/tables. May include desk-mounted privacy screens or stanchions that support overhead storage or shelving. Add-ons like towers can be part of the desking system offerings that stands side by side or butt against the desking system and are esthetically tied together. A desking systems is used to build a cluster of four (4) or more workstations that are inter-connected. When desking system is used with panels, panels are NOT part of the desking system offerings.

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Example Products

Context by Steelcase
Canvas Office Landscape by Herman Miller
c:scape by Steelcase
Antenna Workspaces by Knoll Furniture